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Unison SoundWorks

Denver, colorado

Unison SoundWorks guarantees that all of your creative audio & music needs are met; 

from capture & creation, to mixing & mastering. We believe that containing all of these resources under one roof facilitates the unity between them. We want all creators & audience members to be truly immersed in their film and media experience, by providing them with bespoke soundscapes and unmatched care, to highlight the soul of each story. 

Post Audio & Music Reel

Location Sound &
Field  Recording
Post Audio &
Sound Design 
film scoring &
Music Production

The basis of good sound for film & media is at the source.

Available for productions and other on-location audio needs 

The core of the post audio process is to bring every character & setting to life. Immersing viewers into your story

Music is the emotional and thematic back-bone of your story. Custom Score or Licensed music available.


Previous Works

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About Me

Jacques de Curnou


I'm an audio engineer, sound designer and musician currently based in Denver Colorado. I founded Unison SoundWorks to be able to provide other creators with the sound resources that film and video content requires. I was certain that I wanted to study film so I decided to be a part of The Colorado Film School. Throughout my time at the film school, my broad vision of filmmaking changed; my vision shifted towards sound, a key element of filmmaking. This shift wasn't a surprise to me, it was anticipated as a result of my passion in music production during my high-school years.


For several years I've been working with different creators, from small productions to prominent brand name companies. While I was developing my skills I realized the importance of having multiple overlapping skillsets. This is why I founded Unison SoundWorks to facilitate creators with a unique sound workflow tailored to their needs. 

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