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Post audio

Post Audio Sevices

Audio Recovery

The production set is not always a controlled environment. Sometimes the location, or production issues, prevent the clean capture of your audio. However, with audio recovery tools Unison SoundWorks will get you the best restoration possible. Whatever your issue; background noise, reverb & echo, improper mic placement, even upscaling low quality phone audio, and more.

Sound Design & editing

George Lucas famously said "Sound is half the experience in seeing a film."

Without sound, your audience can't be immersed in the experience you want to create. Sound is a physical element that tricks your senses and convinces you to open your mind to what's on a flat screen. No matter your content, you want audio that engages your viewer. With Sound Editing, Unison SoundWorks ensures that your content has all of the elements and sound effects to create a convincing, real world setting. Unison SoundWorks also takes it a step further with Sound Design to make the creative audio decisions, and help carry the emotional tones and themes of your story. Your film deserves a soundscape that matches all of the drama, comedy and horror of your picture and script.

Mixing & Mastering

Once all of the elements of the film and audio are together, it is important that the sound has an impeccable mix quality. Unison SoundWorks guarantees that your audio content will sound right on all systems. At the end of this process you will be given a master file that will follow all relevant legal and corporate loudness standards. ​

Foley & other Recording

Unison SoundWorks is a firm believer in not taking shortcuts when possible. For this reason sound effects, ambiences and Sound Design elements will be recorded bespoke for the content. 


Music Sevices

Film Scoring

Music has always been an integral part of film. Even in the silent era, musicians would play in the theater to match the emotional and thematic tones of the film. Without music the emotional subtleties of your story may be missed by viewers, and the wrong music at the wrong time can make your edit fall apart. With Film Scoring, Unison SoundWorks will make the best possible music to match the emotional tone and rhythm of your piece. Everything from orchestral, to electronic, to rock; no matter the type of content you give us Unison SoundWorks will cater custom music that will flow seamlessly together.  


Tight on time or budget? Unison SoundWorks has plenty of fantastic tracks for you to license for your content. To ensure the music fits perfectly in your edit, Unison SoundWorks will take edit requests on licensed content at no extra charge. 

Music Production

Unison SoundWorks offers its extensive knowledge of audio and music production to fellow musicians and creators. Reach out and we'll collaborate.

Music Editing

Do you already have the perfect songs but they don't fit the newest cut? Unison SoundWorks will unpack and remix finished tracks to create new versions of songs that truly match every cut and emotional tone of your edit.

Location Sound

Location Audio Servies

Production Mixing

To ensure quality audio from the source Unison SoundWorks is available for location sound mixing, boom operation, or as a sound technician. This includes room treatment as well as impulse responses to allow for seamless integration between production audio and post audio.

Sound Design on set

Do you have an ambitious film and want to be immersed in the audio while you're filming? Unison SoundWorks offers our Sound Design service on set so that your director, talent and crew can all be transported to the world in the pages of the script. 

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